Crypto AML Strategies for Financial Institutions and Tech Firms.




Education and workshops on cryptocurrencies from an AML/CFT perspective. This includes training on blockchain technology basics, case studies involving cryptocurrencies and illicit finance, and analysis of the implications of financial technologies on sanctions and geopolitical risk.

business strategy & Industry forecasting

Evaluation of market developments in financial technology, including assessment of technological trends and innovations.

Policy Research and analysis

Written reports and oral briefings on the AML/CFT regulatory environment surrounding digital assets and the implications for the financial and technology sectors.

media and public engagement

Expert opinion and thought leadership for public policy events, conferences, and press coverage on issues relating to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the nexus with crime, global security, and geopolitical power.

Financial intelligence unit advising

Strategic planning and advisory services for financial intelligence units (FIUs) looking to increase coverage of digital assets.

due diligence

Evaluation of potential financial & business partnerships relating to emerging opportunities in the financial technology sector.